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Most revealing benefits of Corrugated Carton paper boxes

Paper box, produced from corrugated paperboard, has been the most valuable solution for a number of years now. Their structural features and protection capacity make it an idyllic packaging solution while contributing an array of benefits. As a result, manufacturers and retailers and progressively moving to printed paper boxes as a means to ship, store and promote their products. The best feature of paper box production is that its benefits can be utilized for the entire lifecycle of the packed product.
A well designed printed paper box puts a great impact on purchase decision of buyers, if the buyer is habituated with a product for a long time. Sometimes, a well printed paper box packed product can be bought by such customers for a trial use purpose.

Presentation & promotion

Paper boxes allow manufacturers and business owners the capacity to come up with a broad range of structural pattern. Proper customization helps fulfill the requirement of the manufacturer to pack the products with multipurpose like brand promotion, trademark promotion and unique identification through printed paper boxes. For illustration, the Samsung logo marked paper box keeps it unique from other mobile packets and its consumers feel the excitement when they see a Samsung logo on any paper box of refrigerator or computer monitor or LCD TV. So, all Samsung printed paper boxes become a popular bestselling brand.

Modern Day Paper box design

Modern day paper box designs incorporate a design element or printed layout to the entire display. This includes 3, 4 or 5 sided prints, high quality graphics and carton sizes that augment its utility as a packet. From a recent survey, it’s found that the best designed and attractive paper box appeals to consumers more than the competitors. Also, the paper tube is much useful for roll packing or cylindrical product packing purposes.

Attractive Christmas box

To the buyer, paper made Christmas box offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, this Christmas Box plays a clear and exact dashboard that describes the buyer about the feature of a product like capacity, ingredients, and many more. If we consider food packagings such as Pizza and rolls, it is the paper box that informs about the food components included in the pizza. If we consider snacks, the description of ingredients would be available on the corner side of the paper made product box.

Eye catching jewelry box

Can you imagine that attractive jewelry box can impress the other viewers to go for the same retailer? Along with the quality of Jewelry products, the quality of printed and decorated packing box emphasizes the demand of jewelry products as well as retailers. Paper made jewelry box makes products easier to be kept and presented for the purpose of improved sales rate.

Sufficient space

Since Paper Cartons are further space competent and can also be torn down to be recycled, using these paper cartons could be more beneficial. Bigger size electronics products like TV, Washing machine, refrigerator, computer spare parts and many more electrical products could be properly packed with the help of foam supports inside box.


Following eco-friendly features are available with paper cartons that have uplifted its demand in the market of China and world as well.

Paper box Renewable

We know in most packaging designs, the raw materials for manufacturing the box cannot be renewed after they have been taken out from nature. However, the paper box can be sustainably decomposed and returned back to the earth. Also, top paper carton manufacturing companies follow detailed SFI and FSC certifications to make sure that the bamboo trees are replanted for further production of paper boxes.

Sustainability of paper box

Sustainability of paper boxes is said to be its capability to assemble the current requirements with conciliation of the importance of future needs. Paper box, in these lines, is a completely sustainable product, as put forward by the Govt.


Paper Carton packaging offers the best recycling opportunities, compared to any other packaging material.

Light weight

Its light weight feature makes it expedient to handle and carry through transports. When we pack a heavy weight product in a paper box or paper tube, the overall weight of the packet won’t be much more to carry through transport. So, the light weight feature of paper cartons is more supportive towards heavy weight electrical products, machines or electronics products in comparison to plastic or metal packing boxes.


In comparison to plastic box, paper tube or box is more affordable because of the sufficient natural raw materials for its manufacturing purpose.

Molded to any shape

A paper box can be molded into any kind of shape for customized packing purpose.
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